Gazebo PAPS - 335cm x 335cm


Länge: 335,5 cm

Weite: 335,5 cm

Höhe: 305 cm

Gewicht: 175 kg

Windwiderstand(km\/h): 80

Material: Zedernholz/Stahl/Polycarbonat

Dachtyp: Hardtop

Gestellbeschichtung: Pulverbeschichtung

Farbe: Holzfarben

Länge: 225 cm

Weite: 81 cm

Höhe: 46,5 cm

Gewicht: 230,5 kg

Gazebo PAPS

  • 3,5x3,5m Rahmenkonstruktion aus hochwertigem Zedernholz, vorgeschnitten und vorgebohrt mit einem natürlichem Finish
  • Strapazierfähiges und pulverbeschichtetes 2-stöckiges Walmdach erhältlich mit braunem oder schwarzem Stahldach
  • Stabile Doppelschichtbalken: Robuster Holzpavillon mit Doppelschichtbalken für doppelten Halt und Langlebigkeit
  • Eingebauter Deckenhaken zum Aufhängen von Beleuchtung (Beleuchtung nicht enthalten)
  • Eingebaute Doppelschienen zum Aufhängen von Sichtschutzvorhänge und Mositonetzen (beides separat erhältlich)
  • Einfache Montageanteilung mit erfahrenem Kundenservice bei Rückfragen

Gestalten Sie Ihr Wohnzimmer unter freiem Himmel und erschaffen Sie Ihre Oase im Grünen, an der Sie den Tag ausklingen lassen können. Der 335x335cm große Gazebo der Marke Sunjoy verhilft Ihnen dabei Ihren Rückzugsort zu schützen. Verweilen Sie sonnengeschützt unter dem zweistufigen, belüfteten Dach, dass von einem rostbeständigen Zedernholzrahmen und einer rostbeständigen und pulverbeschichteten Stahl- und Polycarbonat-Dachplatte getragen wird. Durch das Dachfenster aus Polycarbonat sind Sie an heißen Tagen von der Sonne geschützt und können sich zugleich an dem natürlichen Oberlicht erfreuen. Das Anbringen eines Kronleuchters an den eingearbeiteten Deckenhaken verleiht Ihrem Gazebo den finalen Design Touch. Nutzen Sie das Netz um Mücken und Ungeziefer fernzuhalten. Mit der leicht verständlichen Aufbauanleitung können Sie sich im Handumdrehen in Ihren Garten niederlassen und ein kühles Getränk genießen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews

Our handyman, who has installed many gazebo kits, recommended Sunjoy to us, as he says it is the best. It arrived with no problems, no missing or broken parts. He and his partner installed it in about 5 hours. It has transformed our baking hot south exposed patio into an oasis. We love it and our neighbors have all commented positively on its style and structure. We are very satisfied customers.

Perfect for our Hot Tub

I have been searching for a quality gazebo that would fit over our hot tub and fit in the area with out intruding the walk area and the end of the patio. I looked at all the sites and watched Costco, Home Depot and Lowes for good deals. Nothing ever appeared to be quality for the cost. I really wanted wood and metal and rectangular in shape. I just happen to be searching YouTube and came across the channel BYOT, DIY One Day Gazebo. Once I saw this video this was exactly what I was looking for to the T. I ordered it a couple days later after reading more reviews and doing research on SunJoy as I never heard of them. I was convinced by others and the video this was the right choice. I received my pallet in a couple of weeks exactly when they said it would arrive. Well packed for efficiency kind of Ikea like, however the quality over the materials was outstanding so don't let the packing discourage you. It was very smartly done to get this effeciantly to you.

The build went fast for me, while BYOT did it one day, well we had temperatures near 100 and high 90s for days so in about 3 evenings while cooler we put it together. Watching the video was extremely helpful to prepare for the build. Laying out all the parts first really helped so I encourage it. Instructions where very easy to follow, I did opt for real wrenches vs the ones in the package for stability in assembly. Make sure to not overtighthen things, always go snug so you do not damage the wood or metal parts. After 2 months it has stood heavy rain and heavy winds and is doing very well. We changed up and added new lights around the unit using the rails. Now we can enjoy the hot tub when the cold rain comes. I will miss when it snows and hot tubbing it is very nice but I won't miss the cold rain. This purchase is a great investment for sure.

Seamless...from purchase to assembly!

I bought this is August and completed assembly today. Took a bit over 6 hours with 2 people. Arrived well packaged and all the parts were included. Instructions relied mostly on pictures and was fairly easy to figure out. Would recommend this to any buyer who has skills to assemble and/or who can hire someone to assist in assembly.

Beautiful, high quality, easy to assemble

I bought this to create an outdoor kitchen in my backyard. To start, the packaging was genius and protected the contents well. The instructions were straightforward. The quality of the parts is excellent (the cedar has a wonderful perfume!). The final product is amazing! Put together over 2 days with 2 people.

Great gazebo!!!

This gazebo was just what we were looking for to bring some shade and comfort to our back yard. The install took several hours but went really well with just 2 people. I started with counting the parts to be sure and everything was there. I laid out everything for ease of finding parts. Quality and well manufactured so we are thrilled with it to say the least.