Cedar Wood Gazebo Curtain - 335cm x 393cm


Länge: 340 cm

Weite: 220 cm

Gewicht: 7 kg

Material: Polyester

Farbe: Khaki

Länge: 49 cm

Weite: 12 cm

Höhe: 14 cm

Gewicht: 7.8 kg

Gazebo Curtain - 335cm x 393cm

  • Four Khaki colored curtain panels 340cm x 220cm, including ring hardware for installation
  • Made from 100% premium polyester, coated for UV and water-resistant
  • CPAI-84 fire retardancy compliant
  • Made for Sunjoy models Bruri
  • It is made for Sunjoy models A102005801, A102005803, A102005804, A102007500, A102008600
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and warm water
  • 12-month warranty

Enhance the look and increase functionality of your Sunjoy wood-framed gazebo with weather-resistant curtains. Create a more private setting from prying eyes or block out some unwanted sun. The curtains are easily installed with included ring hardware to the dual curtain/netting rails that are part of select wood gazebos. Curtains and can be closed and secured with quality zippers. When not in use simply use the curtain ties to keep everything neatly contained and out of the way.