Gazebo TORRE - 385cm x 324cm


Länge: 385 cm

Weite: 324 cm

Höhe: 307 cm

Gewicht: 165 kg

Windwiderstand(km\/h): 80

Material: Steel/Aluminum

Dachtyp: Hardtop

Gestellbeschichtung: Powder coating

Farbe: Frame: Black - Dach: Black

Länge: 228 cm

Weite: 104 cm

Höhe: 50 cm

Gewicht: 231 kg

Gazebo TORRE

  • 4x3m gazebo constructed from rust resistant black steel hipped powder coated roof
  • Black rust resistant powder coated steel frame
  • Mosquito net available
  • Built-in ceiling hook for hanging lights (lights not included)
  • Easy assembly sharing with experienced customer service for any queries

Create a sheltered outdoor gathering place and invite family and friends to linger with you in your garden. The 385x324cm gazebo from Sunjoy helps you to protect your retreat. Enjoy cool moments under the two-tier, ventilated hood supported by a rust-resistant steel frame. By attaching a chandelier to the built-in ceiling hook, you give your gazebo the final design touch. Use the net to keep mosquitoes and bugs away. With easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you'll be relaxing in your new favorite outdoor living space in no time.

Customer Reviews

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Long day, have friends to assemble.

Ok, Sunjoy 10x12 Hardtop Gazebo. Redid the platform Thursday to level it (yep it's fairly level now) and built the gazebo yesterday.
The box says 3-hours construction. Ummmm, no. Maybe for 3-4 peeps but not for one. This thing is HEAVY. Shipping weight was 495 lbs. Constructed, I'd say 460 (35lbs of packaging).
Took me all of 14 hours but that included having to go to Lowes for a 6mm tap set as about 10 of the predrilled holes weren't aligned correctly.
If you're going to do this (or something like it) have:
1 - Tap set. Most of these use 6mm (M6) screws. If you don't need it, return it. But have it available.
2 - Silicone caulk to fill the holes you don't use (keep water out).
3 - Impact drill with 10mm (or whatever size socket) this was important as it sped final assembly. The bolts are Phillips head but they strip easy. Better to use a 10mm socket.
4 - To raise the roof, you'll need 2-3 strong peeps and 1 or 2 others (to keep legs from sliding).
5 - A TALL ladder for roof assembly (and somebody to hold it). Unless you have some REALLY strong guys, you have to put the sheet metal on AFTER the roof is on the legs. If you have 4-5 strong peeps available, you MIGHT be able to do the metal and lift it. I guess 400 lbs with the sheet metal on.
6 - With this particular model I have a concern. The top of the top uses an opaque thin plexi for a skylight. I'd rather have had one that used metal as the spot where I have it, limbs could be an issue if they hit just right. Other models use the same sheet metal.

Such a great product

I have this and this is what my backyard needed, it elevated the look of my backyard and I love chilling there with my family and friends! Definetly recommend!

Perfect for my MIL

We set this gazebo up at my mother in laws house and she absolutely loves it! It came together beautifully! Her backyard lacks shade so this gazebo helped solve that problem and created a great spot for her to hosts her guests. She had a floating deck built to go under it and had the gazebo screwed down and it looks amazing and feels very solid. My personal favorite component is the insect netting!

In Love with our Gazebo

We love our new gazebo. It completely transformed our outdoor space.


Still standing after a rare storm 3 feet of snow!