XL Firepit MERAPI - Ø87cm, Brown


Höhe: 53.3 cm

Durchmesser: 86.5 cm

Gewicht: 18 kg

Material: Steel

Brennbereichsmaterial: Aluminum / Steel

Farbe: Brown

Länge: 91.5 cm

Weite: 91.5 cm

Höhe: 37 cm

Gewicht: 30 kg

Firepit MERAPI

  • The large fire bowl has a deep and spacious fire bowl with a diameter of 87cm
  • The built-in steel grille inside the cabinet provides enough air to enhance wood burning while preventing sparking
  • Integrated ventilation thanks to the mesh spark arrestor design and burner mount at the bottom of the bowl
  • The top of the mesh cover has a handle that makes it easy to lift the lid
  • The fire bowl comes with portable handles and a poker

Whether it's roasting marshmallows, enjoying a glass of wine, or just swapping stories under the stars, this outdoor wood fire pit will transform your backyard into a relaxation destination. Constructed of stainless powder-coated steel, the fire pit allows you to light a large, warm fire. A fire poker and mesh screen for catching embers and sparks are included. Gather friends and family and enjoy the outdoors even more with this fire pit from Sunjoy, the world's leading manufacturer of turnkey outdoor structures.